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Commercial Offices – AUM performs daily office cleaning which includes; emptying trash cans, vacuuming, sanitizing rest rooms, hard floor care, carpet cleaning, and dusting. One such company that uses AUM's commercial services is Air Vent, they have been a client of AUM since 2004.

Industrial office and warehouse – AUM performs work for Industrial companies as well. Clients such as Parker Seals, receives and ship equipment seals daily from all over the world and relies on AUM to keep their warehouse shipping floor clean and neat as well as the operational office clean and ready for business.

Medical and back to work facilities – AUM performs work for medical facilities too. IPMR has been a client of AUM for three years. IPMR is a physical rehabilitation and depends on AUM to keep their equipment, floors and rehabilitation areas clean and sanitized along with daily janitorial services.

Residential - Information Coming Soon!